Wesley Edward Halsey

Writing and Film - BA (Hons)

Wesley Edward Halsey is a graduate of the BA (Hons) Writing and film at Anglia Ruskin University. Wesley is an avid fan of storytelling in all its forms, spending his childhood writing stories and making terrible movies with his little brother on a handheld video camera. During high school, Wesley struggled with identity and found that writing and creating was the only way he could truly answer some of his questions about himself.

At ARU, Wesley took his interests in detective fiction, sci-fi and fantasy and developed his writing skills to produce the stories he’d always wanted to write. Armed with the tools of creation, he aims to help make storytelling a more inclusive artform. As a proud trans man, Wesley wants to write and inspire better representation of fictional transgender characters in all stories whether in books or even the tv screen. 

An extract of the first three chapters of my novel, Where it Ends.
Where it Ends would be the first of a series of crime novels starring my protagonist, Detective Sergeant June Chen, and her partner Detective Inspector Harold Grieves.

When the teenage brother of her childhood best friend goes missing, Detective Constable June Chen leaves the old-school boys’ club of a busy, Met police Investigative unit for her small hometown in Essex. June teams up with grizzled local detective, DI Grieves. June and Grieves are seemingly the only one who thinks something darker has happened to the boy. When faced with questioning the motives of those she knew in her youth, June realises that the search for the lost boy might end with a much more sinister conclusion.