Rosie Li

MA Fine Art

I am an artist who focuses on childhood trauma, feminist culture, traditional culture and patterns, and a passion for painting and installation. My childhood experiences and intimate relationships have given me a strong passion for creating and researching the women power and the artistic expression of my experience and inner world.

In my postgraduate work and research, 'Nv Shu' is the secret language of ancient Chinese women as a key element for my
work. With this language, I open up my understanding of feminine power, gentle protest and the artistic presentation of my
inner world as a woman. I like to use gentleness, metaphor and symbolism to show the feminine emotions and the unique soft power.

This work is based on a poem in the secret language of “Nv Shu”:

Inside you, I gradually shape;
What shape is it I ask;
The flowing water;
Carries me away;
I once thought I was water;
The water that carries me away;
Is no longer pure;
But never is still.

The inner world was often isolated and buried. The women in the secret language of "Nv Shu" were not even allowed to express their inner thoughts and feelings. I resonated strongly with them and felt that most of the oppression of women came from the details of daily life, childhood, family, intimate relationships, etc. In researching 'Nv Shu', I discovered the unique power of women's gentleness, the power is not to confront patriarchal society in a stereotypical environment, but to express women's inner feelings in a gentle way that even permeates the local culture.

The audience is part of this work, as they are the role in exploring the 'inner world', and if they do not choose to explore it, part of this work will not be visible to the audience...