Max Song

Fine Art - BA (Hons)

Just like many people, Max Song's art experiences started since he was two years old with children's drawings and plasticine. He probably did something creative before that, but he couldn't remember. Song has been a full-time art student for four years - one year in Brighton and three years in Cambridge. He works mainly with photography, printmaking, film, performance and concept. Song is based in Cambridge, and open to everywhere in the world.

Art is a mirror for Song. He sees the reflections of himself and the world through art. His work is mostly focused on identity, includes gender, individual, political and cultural identity, and eco and psychological sustainability. He enjoys experimenting with different media and art concepts. According to Song, his ideas of making art is kind of like a stream of consciousness. They have their flow, and Song is an object to display them.

There's not a particular process which would always apply to Song's practice. In one of his most recent project, Song is experimenting with egg incubation with human body temperature. He often got inspiration from the awareness of current events and philosophy studies. Song has participated in LGBTQ+ Museum Remix Project of Cambridge University Museums and 2020 Sustainability Art Prize. Next, he plans to do a master degree in environmental management and climate change. He hopes to combine new knowledge and create more art about sustainability in the future.