Ioana Adam

Criminology and Sociology - BA (Hons)

I am a student at the end of my third year of a BA Criminology and Sociology course. I have been studying Sociology with elements in Criminology since I started my GCSE’s so I have loved and enjoyed this subject for a long time. The discussions of current social issues and the inequality in society have allowed me to view society in a different light on different issues such as the need for feminism in society, gender and sexualities, and different cultures. These issues have allowed me to view the world differently from a social perspective.

My time at university was filled with different experiences and creative roles such as an open day ambassador for my course as I helped the lecturers set up a representation of what students would be learning. The open days were enjoyable and enriching as I was proud to represent my course and help different students embark on their journey to study Criminology or Sociology. Additionally, I have also worked with the student union whether as a student hero to help the new arrivals of students or in the cafes to help students enjoy their break. All these experiences have been enjoyable and good experiences for me.

The topic of my dissertation consists of an exploration of the normalisation of youth drug misuse in Britain and its possible harms. The inspiration for my topic included the generalized stigma which many youths face when using drugs for leisure and stress relief whether they are illicit drugs such as cocaine and cannabis or prescription drugs. Additionally, throughout my time at ARU and the knowledge that I gained I have found that this topic is not often talked about, especially the normalisation of youth drug misuse within society or the balance which can be found between recreational use and a normal lifestyle.

My topic additionally highlights new trends which many individuals might not be aware of, such as e-cigarettes and how even the government is releasing advice on their use instead of tobacco to reduce cigarette use, considered greater harm to society. Additional trends consist of mixing different types of drugs or taking large amounts of prescription drugs which can have different effects on individuals. This topic highlighted the policies in place to reduce harm, such as the 10-year harm reduction plan in place to reduce the harm of drugs to youth.