Crina Popat

Fine Art - BA (Hons)

I am interested in the way we interact with the world and the way we feel emotions through stories and narratives. Storytelling is a uniquely human experience.

Elizabeth Price and Adam Chodzko are multidisciplinary artists who have influenced the sequential structure and open dialogues within my videos. However, I am mostly inspired by the spontaneous: collecting everything I see and feel, and presenting an open visual diary for people to interpret.

Although I have not participated in any exhibitions and collaborative projects outside of college and university, I am open to upcoming opportunities in which I can work with like-minded people.

In reflecting on my personal experiences and piecing them together into a narrative, it is similar to how one would write a book that draws an emotional response out of the viewer. I present these narratives visually and aurally through sequential videos, with soundscapes of recited poetry, along with natural and artificial sounds. Using video and sound allows me to engage the sensory world, to evoke memories and feeling in the viewer, and possibly a connection to my own personal experience.