Catarina Carreira Bento

Photography - BA (Hons)

My name is Catarina, I'm a Portuguese photographer currently based in Cambridge. I came to Cambridge with the ambition of taking a degree in photography and bring a new perspective of art to commercial photography in Portugal. If someone ask me what I like most about taking photos, I will answer emotions. Photographing emotions is to freeze the exact moment when the person feels real. To ensure that the viewer sees the photo and remembers the emotions during the photoshoot. That's why I like to photograph people, be present during the important events of your family. I have the power to make those moments eternal, to mark them in history and to make them memorable. As soon as I finish the course and return to Portugal, I want to open my own photography studio in my native city. Being a photographer for me is being an illustrator of the life story of each client.

The project “What is love for you?” it has the function of showing the public which area of photography I most like to work in, which is family and couples photography. During the elaboration of the project, several photo shootings, were taken with couples and families that gave rise to some of the final images. During these sessions, the question was asked to those involved “What is love for you?” to which they had to respond and send it to me by email. These answers will be displayed in the gallery along with the photographs that resulted from each photo shooting.