Isobel Grant

Illustration - BA (Hons)

Isobel Grant is an illustrator from Hull, who combines hand-drawn and digital elements to create her designs. Using Procreate and Photoshop, Isobel layers textures and patterns to make her illustrations, which focus largely on shape and colour. Isobel’s detailed designs can be used for children’s books, packaging design and various forms of creative advertising. One of her main passions is character design, which can be seen in the project at hand, ‘Frog Fables’.

‘Frog Fables’ is a series of images based on fables about frogs including: ‘The Frog and The Mouse’, ‘The Hare and The Frogs’, ‘The Frogs’ Complaint Against the Sun’ and ‘The Frog and The Ox’. This project was mainly made using Procreate, however there are elements that were created through layers of acrylic ink, coloured pencils and graphic markers. Each piece encapsulates the fable it was based on; the images capture the main themes of their fables. These pictures are intended to be used as children’s book illustrations.

Inspirations for Isobel include Tove Jansson and contemporary illustrator Katie Scott. Film, folk art and a variety of children’s book illustrators also influence her practice. Isobel hopes to build a career in creative advertising after graduating and learn more about the advertising industry.