Viktorija Lemezyte

Graphic Design - BA (Hons)

Design is the feeling itself, it does not imitate the emotion. It can only be achieved by experimenting, as well as improvising. These key elements allow the design to be relatable and intimate to everyone. Viktorija strives for jazz to be recognized for its uniqueness, rather than its dullness. She strives for it to be known, as a synonym of freedom. Her project captures the music the way it is - not dependent on rules.

As an artist, Viktorija strives for an innovative and creative approach to each project. Most of the ideas come from day-to-day observations, human experiences, which mostly are surprisingly far from the ‘world of art’. Viktorija is mostly interested in visual identities and editorial design. In addition to that, she has experience in motion graphics. She considers that all the work, no matter how little or big, can be pushed beyond the boundaries of the imagination.