Benjamin Moon

Digital Media - BA (Hons)

Ben is passionate about all the mass media has to offer. One of the reasons he pursued his venture to Digital Media was to learn the scope of its potential and to enrich lives in the process with strong mediums at his disposal. Leonid Afremov is Ben’s inspirational artist who transforms scenes into a colourful masterpiece intending to spread positivity to whoever looks upon it. Ben wants to adopt this style with his work and make amazing things across the media market. In a short 5 months, Ben has strived to learn coding to assist his Major Project assessment and is most proud of the two websites he constructed in the process.

His ambitions are to run a digital design agency that helps businesses with their digital footprint ranging from a website to an advertising campaign. Clay Ceramic Studio is working with him to achieve these steps and hopefully give the extra experience to open his business for more clients.

These dreams and aspirations were developed from work experience at Mobas Design Agency in Cambridge that gave him a plan for after his studies.