Sara Clark

MA Fine Art and MA Printmaking

As an interdisciplinary artist my practice is based on the fine art traditions of observation, drawing and printmaking underpinned by an experimental background in sculpture.

Initiated through site-responsive interactions focusing on post-industrial locations, I have come to realise that I seek out environments that allow me to explore and experience  the relationship between the physical and psychological space, through subjective interpretations.

Recall, and ideas of perception around the embodied experience have become fundamental as vehicles in developing a visual language that allows myself to question my understanding, my relationship with personal space through place.

The primarily act of movement, walking, to gain this comprehension has led to the exploration of perception, alongside memory to create a sense of location.  I am interested in where these two points meet through observation and recalled experience, to describe this other place, this point of overlap.

I chose not to work with one identifiable location, but to look for discourse, crossovers between experience, observation and the materiality of site interactions - both remembered and reimagined. To understand these walked locations over the past year the repeated visits have been important,  but it has been the space away from the locations that have allowed for gradual comprehension of this point of overlap.

Using the drawn mark, the exploitation of surface qualities through the examination of constructed forms in conjunction with camera-less and digital processes, ideas around fixity and perception have been questioned through an iterative process of reflection and making.

The work produced for  a place of weight, a place of absence,  are investigations , discourses on this point of overlap. Recent work studies the role of light within confined or contained space, echoing the experience of the original source material. Moving between two and three-dimensional forms examining the effect of light through architectural structures using analogue and digital processes.

I am interested in questioning the role of photography, its possibilities as a three- dimensional material and the slippage that occurs through the act of repetition. Impart the work here is a response to and an exploration of  fabricated space an examination of moving between states of form and scale, a conversation between object, space, and perception of place.