Nur Akyildiz

MA Fine Art and MA Printmaking

I am a versatile artist engaging with a diverse array of mediums like sculpture, painting, and drawing. In these artistic endeavours, I delve into profound themes encompassing memories, human emotions, tradition, and rituals, weaving a tapestry of expressive creations.

The significance of both meditation and art in my daily life cannot be overstated. They are vital practices nurturing my mental and emotional well-being. My daily meditative sessions involve prayers, affirmations, and visualizations, complemented by engaging in Turkish rituals like reciting lucky numbers and lighting fragrant incense.

These rituals serve as catalysts for my innate creativity and usher in a serene mental state, facilitating my complete immersion in artistic pursuits. Much like my meditative routine, my art mirrors my inner world — an amalgamation of chaos, vibrant colours, and personal encounters.

My goal is to invite viewers to actively engage with my artwork, allowing them to unearth meanings that resonate uniquely with their individual experiences. By harmonizing my artistic expressions with meditation's potency and the liberty of personal interpretation, my intention is to forge an immersive encounter, inviting the audience to embark on their own transformative journeys.

Throughout this year, my artistic focus has revolved around my daily rituals and Turkish heritage. A centrepiece of this journey is a project where I handcrafted 1,300 clay "Evil Eye" sculptures, painted in traditional colours of blues and white with a black pupil.

An essential element of this work is a large branch resembling a tree which I obtained from a forest. I will hang the 1,300 evil eye pieces off the branches of the tree, much like the tradition of doing so, in Turkey, which is said to bring luck and prosperity.

By incorporating the globally recognized "Evil Eye," I invite viewers to connect on a personal level. This piece weaves
together tradition, nature, and introspection, creating a space where each person can embark on their own contemplative journey.