William Smith

Film and Television Production - BA (Hons)

William Smith is a Filmmaker from Cornwall who balances a passion for children’s television alongside driving steam engines. With a keen interest in pursuing a career in children's television, he enjoys exploring how visual storytelling can be used to encourage a young audience’s positive cognitive development and social engagement. He has always held great attachment to television characters, whether it be steam engines with huge hearts like Thomas or charismatically kind aliens such as The Doctor, and adores how the portrayal of characters within television hold the ability to drive a narrative forward as well as inspire audiences. This subtlety is explored through his own children’s drama piece ‘The Lost Viking’ and the Man from the Moon.’ Television provides an opportunity for young people to find their voice and in doing so build their own individuality. It is this creative capability that drives William’s aspiration to break into this industry. Alongside his creative work, William undertook an internship with the StoryLab Research Institute as an Undergraduate Researcher. During which he explored how VR filmmaking could benefit those with varying degrees of immobility. In his third year, William also produced one of four major project films entitled ‘Gills and Fins’.