Aimee Pollock

Illustration - BA (Hons)

My name is Aimee Pollock, an illustrator and model maker from Wales (shwmae pawb!). I like to focus my work around the weird and the wonderful, common themes are folk art, the theatre and drag as well as oddities in general.

I aim to make my work accessible for all audiences and playful. I have been needle felting for many years but chose to cross it over with illustration to present analogue, tactile work. My work is often quirky, comic and a bit wonky overall but I think it adds character.

Illustration is so vast and varied and can come in so many different techniques and mediums. The crux of this is good ideas and looking at the world through a new and different lens.

Felt has become my friend in my creative ventures. I use needle felting to create scenes and have made a Vaudeville Victorian inspired toy theatre accompanied with some kooky characters to perform acts. These include a little clown, a grumpy fortune teller and a fabulous drag queen. Their performances can be weird and wonderful with the aid of props and a helpful assistant being sawed in half. The stories are endless as its purpose is to be played with and enjoyed.

I have used wire and core wool to build the structures and merino wool to cover and decorate the set. It’s a time-consuming process but I enjoy having a physical outcome that has endless possibilities in storytelling.

There is also some analogue drawn illustration work created with gouache where my odd themes really stand out in a comic and practice editorial brief for Aquila magazine.

Whilst studying at Cambridge School of Art I have gained work experience interning at The Global Sustainability institute. As part of the internship, I made felt toys for children. After seeing how much they enjoy tactility in their play and using their imagination to make stories it inspired me to make this toy theatre.