Agata Kazmierczak

Film and Television Production - BA (Hons)

Have you ever felt that everything you see around you is more than meets the eye? That’s exactly why I decided to pursue my dreams through the film path.

Ilove creating films with a message or particular purpose, such as raising awareness. For me, film is a medium that is all about experimenting and finding new creative ways of showing new perspectives on the world, for example by telling a story through sounds, colours or emotions. Challenging myself by vision or sound restricted productions is what inspires me the most, which can be noticed while exploring my portfolio.

My particular love is documentary filmmaking. In my experimental short Colorblind, I made an attempt to share the world through the eyes of people who do not see all of the colours using colourgrading techniques and the interviews from all over the world about the everyday challenges. Chromesthesia, on the other note, explores the topic of seeing sounds through animations, experimental cinematography, colours and sound design. Both films got a total of 4 nominations in the RTS Student Awards for Short Film, Factual, Editing and Camera, with Colorblind winning in the Editing category.

Though being in love with exploring editing and sound, it was always camerawork that would make me closer to the stories we tell. My graduation projects consisted of 2 short dramas - Hidden, exploring World War II from the perspective of a hidden Jewish girl and Roots - about a girl faced with the task of burying her own mother in their desolated home farm.

Through my filmmaking journey, I had the opportunity to develop my skills through working with multiple film or TV-related organisations, such as BBC Look East and Watersprite Film Festival. I am also very proud of the projects I was able to create with StoryLab Research Institute, Nottingham News Centre displayed in the Black Coal Miners Museum and 4 short, 60s Shakespeare projects for The Globe in London.

I am looking for opportunities to continue my creative journey in all fields, with a particular interest in non-fiction, experimental or commissions.