Arman Yskakov

Film and Television Production - BA (Hons)

Arman graduated bachelor degree of Film and TV Production in Anglia Ruskin University. Studying in Anglia Ruskin learned had practice with different equipment. Was enthusiastic about stuff such as cameras, lights, and other accessories related to filmmaking During three years of study. Had opportunities of working in different areas of film production. That experiences were useful in making the decision. More focused on cinematography and camera. Has a good knowledge of working with cameras. Ambitious of making creative shots, camera movements, Lighting set. Always tries to learn something new in terms of cinematography and directing. Had training for jib kit, Steadicam and other camera and lighting equipment. Knows how to set up the camera. Familiar with lenses and it's abilities. Always interested in practicing with new cameras, lenses, kits, and lights. Excellent team working and communicational skills in pre-production, shooting, and post-production. Has experience in making paper stuff such as making shot lists, floor plans, storyboards, and scriptwriting. Mostly specified on feature films such as drama, action, and criminal. Considers challenges as a way of self-improvement and building a foundation for future careers. Expects to become a highly professional who will be able to bring new ideas and look for feature films.