Elinor Jepson

Illustration - BA (Hons)

Based in Cambridge, I am an illustrator and concept artist, specialising in highly atmospheric digital paintings that explore my passion for everything fantasy and sci-fi, often using inspirations from the gaming and film industry to create emotive scenes and concepts that tell a story.

My work focuses on the visual creation of environments using both 2d and 3d painting skills. From traditional to digital methods, I aim to take viewers and transform the world around them. I do this by experimenting with my use of scale, colour, and light and by being open to learning from the world around me for new ways to push the boundaries of my work.

During my final year of study at Cambridge School of Art, I focused on expanding my skills using a range of 3d and 2d digital programs. A highlight of this would be my Migration Project that took viewers into a series of four 360 digitally drawn scenes, following a refugee child’s journey. This work was also entered for the 2022 World Illustration Awards and was a huge step in moving my professional practice forward.