Alessia Mavakala

Film and Television Production - BA (Hons)

I’m Alessia Mavakala and I’m a recent Anglia Ruskin University graduate.

My passion for film started when I was a child and the television suddenly stopped working, so my parents gave my sisters and I some old DVDs and cassettes that we rewatched repeatedly. Growing up in Italy, I wanted to explore my love for cinema, so I decided to learn how to make films.

First, I was given a camera, right before my trip to Nigeria at just 11 years old, secondly, I started watching some behind the scenes videos of my favourite films and, for the past three years, I crafted my filmmaking skills as a university student. As of now, I have directed a short 16mm film, named Emily and Enola, produced the short film On Deaf Ears and was first assistant director for the short film Wary, my last final project.

My goal is to become a film director and I’m passionate about character driven stories, with real characters, who present their flaws and imperfections. I love working with actors and a crew of passionate filmmakers as I believe film is the best tool to connect with people and tell unheard stories.

At the core of my work, there is a desire to talk about women, and how we navigate harmful relationship dynamics, such as romance or friendship. Dialogues in film are a powerful tool to explore these themes, which is why I was keen to direct the short film Emily and Enola, a confrontation between two old friends, unpacking their past and broken friendship.

Similarly, I produced the film On Deaf Ears, where we follow two characters, who are forced to make a decision, despite their opposite beliefs, while a dangerous and life-threatening presence is approaching. Many unrepresented stories can be told through writing, directing and photography and my goal is to utilise film to promote dialogue and conversation.