Lamario Ronaldo Comrie

Drama and Film Studies - BA (Hons)

I am a creative mind. Ever since I was young, I've been captivated by the big screen and in turn have wanted to captivate others. Growing up in Bristol surrounded by various gangs and hooligans I saw a better future for myself through acting, as a 6ft 2" black man I wanted to be an inspiration for all those in a similar situation to me that their only avenue in life was not drugs and women.

Because of this a major part of who I am is connected to Christ and my church (Kharis Chruch). As I have sought out God and become closer to him observed that most things in life just require dedication and hard work, though talent is a part of it, I’ve seen that without the other to you won’t get anywhere. This leads me to be focused and directed towards anything I set my mind to which helps to push me into my goals and aspirations.

I have taken on both a backstage role, Marketing, and two acting roles during the festival of performance. My marketing role has allowed me to expose something new and discover shortcomings I never knew I had. It’s taught me the sheer amount effort that goes into every piece of media around me, this has helped prepare me for the outside world by giving some experience in the field I hope to work in while not filming.

During my work on "Woyzeck", I have learned to act in a smaller role which in the start was to allow me the time necessary to focus on other things, but through struggle I have learned that the smallest part can play a major role in any piece.

Lastly, in Don’t Let Samba Die, I have been challenged in going outside my usual range of character archetype, besides learning of new cultures outside my own I have honed my skills as an actor.