Daniel Kelly

Digital Media Production - BA (Hons)

I have recently completed the BA (Hons) Digital Media Production course at ARU. I have worked with animation, graphic design, filmmaking and web development during my time on the course. I have also experimented with emerging technologies including VR and augmented reality. I hope that my experience with a variety of software and media will enable me to pursue a career in creating digital content.

In the first trimester of my final year I experimented with a form of animation called rotoscoping, to create a short clip of a football player celebrating a goal. I used the Golden Ratio to create a modern logo for a local pub, and I explored the use of augmented reality to view a 3D model I had created through a mobile phone.

For my final major project, I came up with the concept of creating a ‘classic’ football streaming platform dubbed the “Netflix of Football.” The project involved establishing a brand, including a name and logo, creating a short ident animation and developing a responsive website.

I coded the prototype using a JavaScript library called React that is used for building user interfaces. I also used a tool developed by Google called Firebase, which allowed me to include protected routes, authentication and store video data.