Talin Tariq

Fashion - BA (Hons)

Talin Tariq is both a student name and a brand name. She is a fashion design student who mainly focuses on color and print. She works with a variety of garment types, which include menswear, womens-wear, and kids wear. The reason behind that is that she is mainly focused on the wellbeing of everyone.

Through the colors, prints, and silhouettes, the designs have an emotional impact on others, in a positive way. Talin has gained a lot of experience throughout her course, with pattern cutting, stitching, and textile designs. This has improved her creativity, giving her more ways to express her ideas. After collaborating with a UK brand, “The Quarter Masters” in designing a sweatshirt, she realized that she would really love to become a textile print designer.

Collection: KHAYAL
Inspired by the 80’s, KHAYAL is a playful menswear collection that presents a twist to everyday streetwear, showcasing that there is no such thing as a limit or logic in a child’s imagination, “KHAYAL”. Through digital print, the collection visualizes a child’s story that has been written and illustrated with characters that represents most of the child’s characteristics, and follows the adventures of characters named healthy, Curious, excited, and funky. The garments have a print of each scene of the story randomly presented, making the collection a walking piece of art that narrates the story with every move, and every detail.