Gabi Kaziukonyte

Film and Television Production - BA (Hons)

Gabi Kaziukonyte is a filmmaker aspiring to immerse her audience into a familiar world but with her own twist.  

Having been a producer on a few short films, including Night Conversations (2019) and Downfall (2020), she quickly developed great organisation skills and a work ethic to get stuff done, pushing her to strive for more. During her second year, Gabi became an undergraduate researcher and production assistant with StoryLab Research Institute. Working on a 360 film project Respite From Reality, she explored the new form of filmmaking; 360 degree films.The project was submitted to the LOROS Hospice competition in 2019. This led her to direct and produce her own 360 degree film, Interrogation Room which was later screened at Watersprite International Student Film Festival, 2020. Her interests in music always influences her films as she has studied music from the age of five. 

Gabi aims to keep exploring all formats of filmmaking, with an interest towards working within a team in order to create something new and specuak for an audience to experience.