Ridley Green

Illustration - BA (Hons)

Hello! I’m Ridley an illustrator and self-taught hand poke tattoo artist, currently based in Cambridge.

My work takes on a range of subjects and media as I have always enjoyed exploring new techniques. Often, my work is based on my passions and moral beliefs that I want to share with others. I love to use illustration as a way of communicating and opening conversations about sometimes difficult subjects and using it to bring to life my passions.

Analogue media often plays a part in my creative practice, which I scan and digitally compose. Printmaking being one of the techniques I enjoy, from process to outcome.

More recently I have explored hand poke tattooing and designing, which I am keen to develop in my professional career. Elsewhere I can see myself in a range of career environments from working as a freelance illustrator on editorial and other commission work, to being in education sharing my knowledge with young creatives.