Rita Ferreira Gomes

Illustration and Animation - BA (Hons)

Hi, I’m Rita Gomes, a Portuguese 3D Modeler and Animator.

I have always been fascinated with 3D art and CGI, so I started learning 3D at 17 years old.

Since then I’ve done some 2D animations to help me learn the principles of animation, so that I could be ready to start applying those into my 3D Animations.

My goal is to work in the 3D industry, specially in highly realistic films or games, since that’s what I’ve always been passionate about.

‘’Eternal’’ is a film is about the life cycle. It shows how two people are born and follow different life paths and go through different obstacles, until they find each other. With the love that is created between them and evolves with time, a new life is created and a the story is repeats itself again.