Alberto Vari

Drama - BA (Hons)

I always try to find the most complete I worked at naturalistic, physical, and surreal performances. I worked at Shakespearean adaptations, dramas, comedies, and a documentary. Many of the most relevant characters I portrayed have the peculiarity of being very complex individuals with a strong inner conflict, who usually get twisted by their surrounding and upbringing. Examples of this: the prince Franz from “I Masnadieri” by Schiller and his hatred towards nature and the world, Jean from “Mrs Julie” by Strindberg and his thirst for wealth, or Franz Woyzeck from “Woyzeck” by Buchner and his loss of control over himself and his life. I also had the opportunity, participating to the festival “It’s a Drama Thing”, to practice and broaden my dancing skills by interpreting the egocentric and manipulator Enzo in “Don’t Let Samba Die” by Marcia Motty Campos. I am also a juggler at intermediate level and won a show-contest by ARU by putting on a juggling performance.

My work as an actor is based on the pursuit of the most complete portray of character by using as many tools as possible at their maximum range. From psychological process, to use of language, voice, body, and body language, I always try to show the audience the point of view and feelings of each role I perform. As a juggler, I aim to explore creativity of pattern and movement, creating performances that can provoke amusement and cheerful feelings as well as relaxing and restful vibes through a combination of music and shape. I try as well to give my personal interpretation to sketches from other performers as I did for “The Comedy Store” event, where I proposed a short sketch created by Michael Davis. Lastly, my work as a scriptwriter focuses mainly on the dynamics of works and dialogues. A good example of this is my work “Quarrel”. Despite this tendency, I also wrote physical performances such as “IYF News” trying to grasp the comedic traits of human body movement in a variety of situations.