Ines Rocha

Fine Art - BA (Hons)

My practice combines performance, video art, collage, digital manipulation, prints, and installation. I am interested in the psychology of human behaviour, and my intent is to create emergent, atmospheric works that stimulate the senses and lead the viewer to question how they are being affected. My works are intimate, and I like the viewer to feel that they are invading a personal place of mine, to feel a combination of discomfort and curiosity that mirrors my own feelings about coming to understand myself.

My work is grounded in my questions about the self and its relation to the outside world, as well as in the tension between human fragility and strength in the human mind. I also count the works of Cindy Sherman, Marcia x, Lygia Pape, Ana Vitoria Mussi, and Yayoi Kusama as my influences. Currently I am focused on understanding how my work affects others, and how can I increase its impact, whilst also addressing the ethical questions it raises, such as whether I have the right to create these feelings in the audience.

A human cocoon of myself, not completely formed but forced to open up unaturally. This work is a representation about how I felt with my illness, more specifically with my social anxiety. The pressure to grow and come out to the world even in uncomfortable situations, it represents transformation in a early stage of self discovery.

It's a debatable work that brings purity to difficult changes, and an uneasy feeling about giving form. It´s supposed to make the viewer question if transformation by exterior forces and situations is considered natural, and in what way does the comfort enables us to grow. Is pressured self growth natural or just a way of adaptation of the being? Does the adaptation of the being in that situations bring another consequences long term?