Lily Lewis

Illustration - BA (Hons)

My name is Lily Lewis, I am an illustration graduate located in Southend-on-Sea, Essex. I favour an immersive approach to working as my focal practice involves observations of architecture. Being a naturally ordered person, I translate my passion for preciseness through the distinct details of the visual language with pattern, colour and perspective. I like to inject emotive undertones to the images as they often have a reference to history, prominence, or a personal memory. Using a digital method to produce my artwork allows me to maintain the detail of intricate architecture. However, I am able to complement this further through use of screen print as printing inks enhance details with texture. Drawing on location is the main source for my inspirations, and I often choose to sketch historic buildings with unique characteristics and motifs. I plan to branch out with my subject matter and am open to learning and practicing alternative ways to portray architecture.

It wasn’t until my final year at university that I found my confidence and passion for the artwork that I was creating. Stepping out of my comfort zone for the first brief of the year; I chose to do a series of Risograph’s based on prominent buildings in Kings Lynn. I fixated on the pattern in the brick work and the unique characteristics. I successfully portrayed these elements whilst keeping perspective and colour flowing evenly throughout. Feeling well accomplished with the finished piece, this was a technique I wanted to continue to practice. For my final major project, I was inspired by an old tradition between the Cambridge students that took place in the pubs down King Street. I produced a ten-piece collection of Risograph prints based on the interior and exterior of the five of thirteen remaining pubs; I feel that including the interiors took this project further than the last and helped to showcase my eye for design; this assisted me in developing my personal way of working. The remaining of the architecture collections, as well as my other artworks, can be found on my social media or website.