Fei Nie

Graphic Design - BA (Hons)

My name is Fei Nie, I am a creative, professional and high achieving final year Graphic Design student. I am also the head Graphic Designer for PreActiv. Based in Cambridge and originally from China.

Due to covid-19 being first found in China, it has led to a lot of discrimination and blaming of innocent Chinese people. As one of the Chinese living in a western country, I want to use my designs to improve the relationship between the western citizens and Chinese people. Therefore, I will be promoting the different cultures that are in China. I will present the various minority groups in China to allow the audience to connect and learn about a variety of our traditions.

China is formed of 56 ethnic groups and 92% of the population is from the Han ethnic group, which means the rest of the 55 ethnic groups become the minority. In this project, I want to focus on three of the significant ethnic minorities' festivals as the main promotion, by using their clothing, customs, food and musical instruments to create a visual language.

The festivals that I want to focus on are:
1. the Torch Festival from Yi Nation
2. the Water-Sprinkling Festival from Dai Nation
3. the Third of March Folk Festival from the Zhuang Nation

I want to create promotional graphics and visual stimuli for these 3 ethnic groups’ festivals, however, these may need to develop into more detailed editorial for the entire 56 ethnic groups and details of these 3 festivals and nations. This project will raise awareness and educate the viewer.