Raveen Azad

Interior Design - BA (Hons)

Raveen is a passionate designer and artist with a high vision of expressing his ideas through visual storytelling. His range of medium consists of fine liner pens integrated with Touch New Markers and digital collaging. Raveen is inspired by South African artist Lionel Smit, who uses projection and digital imaging as the starting point of his portrait paintings, which combine abstract lines of swathes of colour blending and overlapping. His paint marks are what speaks the language of his vision.

Raveen’s work focuses on loneliness and mental health amongst Syrian teenagers who struggle to open up about their mental health, which is often the result of the crisis endured in the Middle East. His motivation is to create a spatial environment for the teenagers to find new and safe positive outcomes by interacting with one another and creating connections in the wider community space. The space will offer activities which will support and reassure the teenagers as they adapt into their new real world.

Raveen hopes to join a design practice where he can help clients build a better and healthier life through spatial design. His passion is giving his talent and skills to transform lives and create different worlds.