Alice Richards

Illustration - BA (Hons)

Alice Florence is an aspiring children's book illustrator and author. Her love for narrative illustration, being able to tell stories through a set of images, is what drives her in her career.

Alice's main medium is pencil, whether that's  colour or graphite. Her pencil work is often accompanied by a gouache underlay for full bleed and rich, convincing illustrations.

The two forefront works of Alice's final major project contrast largely, showing her different passions. The first project is a dark graphic novel based on The Werewolf by Angela Carter. Using almost only graphite, Alice creates suspense and danger with blood red spot colouring (full video of graphic-novel on instagram). The second, most recent project is a lighter note, being a children’s book based on her dog, Fergus, and his favourite things! Combining gouache and coloured pencil. Although some of her pages have been realised, the deadline is after this showcase, and the book is not yet finished. 

From a foundation to a degree, she now goes on to be an artist in residence in MK. After a year Alice will then do the children’s book illustration MA at Cambridge School of Art in September of 2021.