Iñaki De Zaballa

Fine Art - BA (Hons)

Iñaki De Zaballa focuses his artistic career on photography and audio-visual media. Inspired by the culture of urban art, he makes the medium his own model of communication, in a similar way to advertising. Starting with a compact digital camera as many visual artists do, Iñaki’s line of photography was born when he discovered how an image becomes petrified for eternity. Moving between analogue and digital images, he is interested in how photography creates a magic of its own when an image that was previously a digital file, becomes a physical image, a ‘real’ image.

"Loturbio" presents an altered vision of the world and of society. Iñaki wanted to express his disinterest about the evolution to which we are subjected, and expressed it in two ways that work well together: analogue and digital. Portrayed in black and white, his project tries to express the other side of the coin, a personal reflection that invites the viewer to rethink the point at which we find ourselves as a society, and make the viewer stop for a minute and pay attention.