Joana Castanheira

Fashion Design - BA (Hons)

Joana Castanheira is an aspiring Costume Designer, founder of Atelier Antígona, a freelance costume design brand. Born and raised in Portugal and extremely influenced by it, Joana uses handmade and texturized techniques to convey her experimental style.

The brand Antígona explores different techniques of dying, texturizing and sewing. Experimental and “out of the box” costumes.

Collection Concept
The unreal world of Serephinianus: an encyclopaedia that shows us an unknown world written in an unknown language.
Imaginário is a theatre costume collection, each outfit is designed for a specific character. The designer developed 6 characters that live in an imaginary realm called Ulipia.

In a magical realm called Ulipia dwell the little Ulipians, tiny colourful and happy creatures. Dazgoth Demons are invading Ulipia in an attempt to make the little happy Ulipians the most sad and depressed creatures existing. If the Dazgoths reach their goal, the Ulipians colour disappears, they become black and white, lose their soul and transform into wild animals.

This story represents a mental war, a “self-war”, where the Ulipians represent the good, happy and positive thoughts and the Dazgoth Demons represent the bad, negative thoughts that are constantly making people doubting themselves and giving up on their convictions and confidence.

The six characters that served as inspirational muses for this collection are the Ulipians saviours, they exist to serve and protect them. These characters can be compared to people’s support systems friends, family etc.