Nadia Mansoor

MSc International Social Welfare and Social Policy

Hi there! I’m Nadia Mansoor, a Masters student from South Africa.

In 2021 I was awarded the Chevening Scholarship and accepted for ARU’s MSc International Welfare and Social Policy program. After completing my undergrad in commerce at Wits University, Johannesburg and five years in management consulting I decided to pursue further studies and change to the social sciences discipline. My interest stemmed from my involvement in student politics during my time at Wits university in Johannesburg during the #FeesMustFall protests and while organising a number of campaigns for the student chapter of Amnesty International.

My Master's research explores the relationship between socioeconomic status and political engagement and seeks to understand the various ways different forms of capital accrue and influence consciousness and political will. The Marxist concept of alienation, in light of a dominant global capitalist and neoliberal paradigm, is key to understanding the collective resistance to affecting change in meaningful ways. Art is an essential platform to pose critical questions and express the impact of material conditions on wellbeing and agency. By confronting my audience with an artwork that puts their personal perspective at the forefront, I hope to start a conversation that opens the audience’s minds to the possibilities contained within embracing revolution over reform.