Caitlin Barnes

Fine Art - BA (Hons)

Caitlin’s artistic practice focuses on the possibilities of our ecological future through complex, growing, fictive installations.

She creates artworks by growing wheatgrass with recycled objects under unnatural environments to spark discourse around the possible future the planet may face. The use of UV lighting enables the viewer to feel a part of the work within the immersive environment created for each piece.

Each work grows and dies before the viewers eyes, all her work is ephemeral and demonstrates how this practice is reaching out the environmental issues our planet currently faces.

The artworks that Caitlin creates combine fact and fiction around sustaining plant life, occasionally criticising environmental art, and its own potential future too. She has gained great experience within this discipline through constant experimentation with ecology throughout her three years at university and hopes to be able to continue this development with different mediums in the future.