Kira Barnard

MA Fine Art

My work reflects themes of identity and the self, looking towards fellow female family members for more than just guidance through life. The documentation of them fuels my entire portfolio, filled with portraits, candid shots and videos that highlight a sense of belonging and gratitude. The work shows that we are a strong family unit that support one another.

An interest in generational similarities has allowed me to use my skills within photographic processes to showcase those important to me. Looking into the past and the technology used provides me with many things to explore including film cameras and cinefilms, also looking at technologies from when I grew up throughout the 2000s.

My current goals include starting to teach and to influence younger generations, so they can see the importance of the creative arts. I would like to take what I’ve learned through teaching and to continue my research using the photographic process, focussing on supporting the education system.