Marta Woldeghebriel

Drama - BA (Hons)

I'm a 22-year-old enthusiastic woman with a passion for anything creative. I've always enjoyed performing and as a kid I used to absorb and live off other people's reactions and energy, replicating every action and expression as a game. When I was younger, I fell in love with acting and the power of the camera, the only problem was the lack of representation on screen and stage where I am from, Italy. I felt the need to make something of myself, celebrating and demonstrating my capability and power as a black Italian woman, so I decided to move to the UK to pursue an acting career by speaking English and being able to reach a wider audience.

My mom and sister are such strong female figures in my life, thanks to them I know I’m capable to do anything I want. Through my work as an actress, I aim to inspire young black girls that maybe don’t have the chance to see themselves represented in the environment they are in, to let them know, how incredible they are. I am proud of the diversified work experience gained in the last 7 years and I look forward to being part of many stories that are waiting to be told.

During these years I had the opportunity to work and collaborate with incredible, hard-working talented people, both in theatre and film. Through my work, the viewer will see not only my performance as an actress but the behind-the-scenes work that has been put into the quality of the scenes. Monologues and dialogues entirely created by students such as ‘Only in Death’, ‘Don’t Let Samba Die’ and ‘It was All My Design’ or other adaptations of well-known scripts, ‘Stockholm’ by Bryony Lavery.

The first clip in my showreel is a re-visioned version of It Was All My Design, the character talking is me as Charlie, just like I've imagined them, it’s the start of an interrogation scene where they invite the viewer to “Start watching” the video, that it is followed by last year production called “Only in Death” written and directed by a talented film student, Pablo Tranchell. The whole idea was an experiment 13 mm camera, when they asked me to participate, I jumped in interpreting Pablo’s monologue on death and sisterhood.

In Stockholm, my role was Kali, Todd’s partner that clearly had a toxic relationship and they struggle between the ups and very lows. Both characters were changing in the worst way possible and were not for each other but kept on being together. To conclude the showreel the viewer can see a short version of Gabriela’s monologue in ‘Don’t Let Samba Die’.