Stepanka Facerova

Fine Art - BA (Hons)

Stepanka is a multi-disciplinary artist and her practice revolves around the discourse between social anthropology, philosophy, and art.

By building installations she creates different worlds; worlds which are often dominated by what is seemingly uninteresting, overlooked or forgotten. She often questions our social habits, the necessity of routine as well as the need for constant change.

The ideas for her work often originates in a simple observation of how we, as humans, fill our days and how we share the space with other living creatures and objects. Her practice involves building large scale sculptures and assemblages, using materials as varied as wood, plaster, glass, clay and paper. She is also interested in finding new ways of using traditional art materials such as canvas.

Constant questioning leads to research within literature and philosophy. She is forever in search of answers, which is why she makes art.