Domininkas Zalys

Photography - BA (Hons)

Since he first picked up a camera, Dom has always documented his adventures and the people that he meets.

The American dream describes what he chose to witness in the United States. His idea of America was always pictured as the land of opportunities, white shining smiles and a perfect family. What he encountered was completely different. In his eyes the dream of going to America is long gone and will not return soon.

Dom encountered numerous people from New Orleans, Clarksdale, Nashville, Memphis and many other places who have tried to become someone, but unfortunately got stuck in a dark and brutal reality.

The photos in this project represent Dom's view of America and are not there to cause controversy or social political debates. All the images shot and represented in this book are the extension of his eye towards America and its reality. This project is created by him for people who are still believers that the American dream exists.