Bianca Galimberti

Interior Design - BA (Hons)

Throughout the interior design course, the relationship between humans and spaces particularly sparkled Bianca's interest. Consequently, she designed a specific project to address this topic.

The main theme of her project is: how can people feel LESS LONELY?

The project consists of two workshops, each with a group of 5-6  individuals plus a teacher to help them. In the first workshop, the focus is on bamboo plant  to produce chairs, tables.  In the second, it produces clothing made exclusively of bamboo fabric. The second floor includes and relax area with a outdoor terrace. On the opposite side, there is an Indonesian restaurant where customers can enjoy typical food and discover a new culture different from ours. 

Overall, the main feature of the project is bamboo, a material with many benefits such as eco-sustainability, resistance and flexibility. The aim is to communicate a completely different space where can find a peaceful time. Indeed, the indoor garden express a feeling of forest so that people feel further away from their everyday life.

This work was particularly influenced by several workshops in Bali where bamboo is the only material used for the buildings designs.

Bianca's  goal after university is to start a career in a studio where her personal development is further enhanced and her skills improved.