Elise Mcallum

Fine Art - BA (Hons)

I am a Scottish artist currently studying in Cambridge, my work explores my own personal feelings overcoming my mother's diagnosis and treatment with cancer. I explore the senses in form of crochet and yarn, making use of macrame techniques and some photoshop works mimicking 3D.  

“16.08.21” Is a work based in yarn, making use of both crochet and macrame techniques. The title being a diagnosis date of my mother, one of unfortunately many. The piece is a show of my own delicate emotions, appearing unassuming in pale white but more intricate upon closer inspection. From an outsider's perspective lacking context in regard to the title can give mixed signals. They can project into it what they feel it could mean, be it personal or general.  

An unexpected feature I found once the piece was displayed was the movement it generated. Hung in the hallway as people passed by the yarn would be swept in the gentle wind generated. An interesting aspect I very much enjoyed viewing.