Jade Burke

Writing and English Literature - BA (Hons)

Hi, I am Jade, an aspiring writer graduating from Anglia Ruskin University.

My passion for reading and writing led me to study on the BA (Hons) Writing and English Literature. Over the three years of studying, I have developed my love for writing fantasy fiction with a particular interest in world-building and character development. My strongest grades have been in writing classes. During my second year, my playscript was performed by the drama students as part of their assessment. After trying different styles of writing, I developed a novel that I plan to publish. The trilogy is called The Last Wings of Niafell, a high fantasy novel based on Age Britain, and Norse mythology.

Wings of Fate is the first book in my planned trilogy called The Last Wings of Niafell, featuring themes of romance, slavery, and war.

Wings of Fate follows the story of Arya. Captured at seven years old when the Xemi killed her mother. She is the last female Lynai to be born with wings. This compels her father to search for her, sending Ezra to find her. Believing that she has the power to restore the balance of Magica that the Xemi has destroyed.

Along the way, Arya makes friends with the Ravensblood Brotherhood, creating a rift between her and Ezra. She also discovers that she has great magical abilities. Complicated relationships, love and loyalty are not the only things that Arya is threatened to lose.

The Xemi Queen is also hunting for her. Bellamy allies with her to help him get her back. Ensuring a divide between the Ravensblood brotherhood.

After trying to force the mating ritual on Arya, Bellamy kills Zeke. Caspian rescues Arya, bringing her to his homeland.