Ciéra Cree

Media and Communication - BA (Hons)

Ciéra Cree is a graduate of the BA (Hons) Media and Communications at Anglia Ruskin University. Prior to beginning her ARU journey, she spent a year working under the literature development agency, The National Centre for Writing, after winning their poetry competition and being titled as a young Laureate. From this poetic work Ciéra then went on to explore her love of deep feelings and thought further by becoming highly commended by The Royal Society of Literature, reading her work on BBC Radio Norfolk and through becoming a writer for OGMA Post.

OGMA is an online humanities journal run by students with the intention of providing a space for people to explore their thoughts and opinions. In Ciéra's case, this is the space where she first began openly navigating her emotions and connection to philosophy. The topics of philosophy and Plato-esque questioning often influence her work.

Ciéra is not only extremely interested in questioning the world and everything in it, but she is also inspired to do what she can to share her heart and its ideas in an open manner with the rest of the world.

An Open Letter to the Universe is a short spoken word film. Inspired by the piece of the same name that Ciéra published with OGMA Post, AOLTTU carries the aim of inspiring others to openly question the world and to share their deep thoughts or fears.

In itself, it is a piece written from the author's perspective of wondering why there is so much pain in the world, despite the world's beauty. It is a poetic contradiction of emotions of confusion and existentialism mixed with a prominent message of gratitude and the belief that people can push through hardship.

As noted by Emilia Acevedo in her TedTalk, Art unites us with the universal language of emotion, it can be said that 'storytelling is the most important medium through which we share our human experience' (TEDx Talks, 2020). This video translation of the piece tells a story, both visually and through its poetics. Let it inspire you, make you feel and cause you to wonder about the world in every possible way.