Georgia Freeman

Photography - BA (Hons)

Focusing on fashion in my photography work, I’ve really found a passion for learning about fashion in these 3 years at ARU and understanding how fashion photography operates and what I can do in my work to help capture the ideas and themes I’ve researched.

I have learnt especially during this pandemic, the importance of taking influence from what is around me and how the current world we live in affects the way we operate and the clothes we wear. In this latest showcase of my work, I’ve used the research gathered of trends, colour palettes and fabrics used during this lockdown lifestyle and injected this into the styling of the subjects.

Keeping up with trends and researching what is currently happening in fashion is something I’d like to continue to do throughout my work and hope to use this depth of knowledge to boost my work forward, creating a portfolio that is current and well thought out.

I hope to use what I’ve learnt through this course to inform me on how I’ll approach the fashion industry. I would love to gain practical experience in the industry and see how teams of stylists, assistants and photographers come together to produce work we see in the media. Hopefully seeing my photographs in magazines or advertisements in the future.