Younsorang Wee

Illustration - BA (Hons)

Hello, it is Rang.

I’m from South Korea. Drawing and painting have been my lifelong hobby. I enjoyed using colouring pencils, watercolours, gouache, and acrylic paints. Especially, I love drawing in detail. I was very happy to learn and try a lot of new things through the ARU illustration course.

During the first term of the third year, there was a brief of drawing mythical animals. As I investigated Korean mythical creatures, I found the beauty in Korean folk paintings, which I chose to be the theme of my final projects. Traditionally, Korean folk paintings are watercolour paintings, but I wanted to express them in various ways through various techniques and materials.

The first part of the project is named ‘Look At Me’. I made images using paper cutting technique from a coloured watercolour paper. The Korean folk painting called "Scholar's Accoutrements" means a picture of pottery, stationery, incense burner, and bronzeware, including books.

I tried to express the colour combinations of each item and the beauty of Korean folk paintings as detailed and harmonious as possible. Each work was placed one by one in a transparent acrylic frame, and then placed in a specially produced wooden frame to get a three-dimensional effect.

The second project named ‘Bless You’ is of Korean folk paintings using acrylic paint on wooden blocks. The name is “100 Longevity 100 Blessing”. This work is a collection of images hoping for longevity and blessings. Each picture was coloured to be in harmony with the background colour, and all blocks were arranged to show various colour combinations.

I had a lot of fun while painting strong colours and unique images of Korea, and I fell in love with Korean folk paintings even more.I hope beautiful Korean folk paintings will be known and used in many places.