Amie Ennew

Graphic Design - BA (Hons)

Amie Ennew, is a graduating Graphic Design student. Her project focuses on the representation of historical visuals in publishing, by re-imaging the vibrant, visual culture of Norse storytelling for a twenty-first century audience. While these amazing stories have been told and retold across countless generations, in modern published editions generic images are perhaps too often used to accompany the texts. It seems the visuals the Nordic community created to represent their stories have almost been lost to our society. She has created a new three-part ‘Norse Mythology’ book series, re-designing the visuals to better represent the richness of the Norse visual for a modern audience.

Amie has always been interested and focused on book design and, after being shortlisted for the Penguin Student Design awards in 2019, it was an area she wanted to explore more. Having studied both art, design and history, alongside each other through most of her education, bringing all of them together in this project allowed her to explore all of her interests and discover ways historical publishings can be designed for a modern audience, by finding the correct graphic style to represent the historical visuals.