Cati Davies

Computer Games Art - BA (Hons)

Cati’s passion for video games and her love of art led her to want to pursue a  career within  Game Artistry. Her background is in  3D  Modelling and in Games Artistry,  where she specialises in Environment and  Prop  Design. The video games that  Cati has played throughout her life have influenced her art style and have also inspired a  tendency towards a  gothic art style and dystopian themes. However,  Cati takes pride in her art style being as unrestricted as possible by stylistic norms. Cati’s work is characterised by  Realism and  PBR, preferring it to be as high definition and realistic as possible. Cati was born in Swansea and enjoys incorporating themes from her  Welsh heritage into her work. Cati has worked on the  D&AD  New  Blood awards, she took part in a group submission for Xbox/Rare design brief. 

Cati is a  keen reader  of  fantasy  novels, she  enjoys playing  video  games  and  she  also  enjoys drawing and viewing art In  the  future,  

Cati aspires to work for a  AAA games company and would like to later take on a  role as a lead environment artist.  A longterm goal of hers is to start her own studio.