Meg Keyworth-Wright

Performing Arts - BA (Hons)

Meg is a versatile musical theatre performer who has been participating in the dramatic arts throughout her life. She has trained in ballet, tap and street dance, and is an avid guitar player and singer/songwriter, taking inspiration from a wide range of music. Meg is an alto singer, and has a wide vocal range which is adaptable to each musical genre. These skills along with her acting training make her a triple threat in the field of dramatic arts. 

She has been involved in a variety of shows, despite growing up in rural Somerset where there were little opportunities in theatre. She sought out chances to perform in productions and pantomimes from the age of 8, progressing from a dancer to principle boy, such as, Prince Charming – Cinderella. Whilst attending university she came into her own performing in ‘A Clockwork Orange’ and ‘Scolds Bridle’. Then, the lead character of Nikki Wade in ‘Bad Girls’. This year, she was meant to play one of the lead roles in 9 to 5, Judy Bernly, but due to the circumstances, this was not possible. She has now finished her BA(Hons) Performing Arts, and aims to go into the musical theatre industry.