Rochelle Potter

Fine Art - BA (Hons)

Rochelle's painting is an outward expression of her internal emotional state. For the viewer, her art is a glimpse into her inner world. For Rochelle, each piece is a meditative process of connecting with her feelings and allowing them to flow organically through her paint brush and onto the canvas. The visual results are dynamic - spacious, calm, vivacious, chaotic.

She builds an intimate relationship with her canvas; it provides a therapeutic space for openness and honesty, to reflect on and release her feelings, memories, senses and relationships. This is achieved through colour, form and composition with gestural brush strokes creating a vibrant energy. She uses acrylic for the layering and texturing effects it has on canvas. Her work also captures the sense of calm and order that she aspires to in everyday life - a striving for balance and clarity.

Rochelle is intrigued by how we perceive art and what influences the reactions it evokes. In particular, she is fascinated by colour preference and the language of colour.

The following artists’ work resonate with her: Fiona Rae, Secundino Hernandez, Richard Jackson, Callum Innes, Kandinsky and Andrea Medjesi Jones.