Tillie Mitcham-Rowell

Illustration - BA (Hons)

Now working from her bedroom studio, Tillie Mitcham-Rowell (aka Wobbly Worm) uses drawing as a means of giving shape to her thoughts through her own visual language.

Usually that language seems to take the form of a small girl with a massive head. Preferring to use imperfect hand drawn lines rather than relying on design software, her work conveys an individual tone of voice. Vibrancy, silliness, interesting faces, wobbly lines, the human condition, overthinking in the dark, trying to tell fun stories and doodling informs her work.

Her creative instincts are continuously fed by looking at other artist friend’s work, staying tuned to weird TV shows, walks in the woods and instinctively doodling for laughs.

She mostly draws with pencil and ink brushes for scribbly but precise lines, infinitesimal detail and enjoys adding bright flat colours to contrast. Working on not over thinking concepts and imagining the images in the form of a music video first, helps her to come up with interesting but simple pictures.

Her motto is: "It’s not how loud you blow the trumpet; it’s how sweet the noise it makes."