Esme Powell

Illustration and Animation - BA (Hons)

I am a Welsh illustrator and animator based in Cambridge. My preferred method of animating is 2D and motion graphics, with character-focused pieces and use of a limited colour palette being a main and reoccurring element in my work. Recently, I am directing my practice towards vegan activism, aiming to educate and spread awareness on the issue.

My playful style, inspired by children's book illustration and independent Japanese animation paired with the disturbing theme of animal violence, aims to contradict. Through lessening the aggressive imagery, people who usually look away are more likely to watch and through doing so, learn of the terrible practices that exist within the animal farming industry.

My final project Gulp is a short-animated film exposing dairy industry practices and the complicity of its consumer. Gulp presents the cause and effect of drinking dairy, consistently switching between two narratives, highlighting its drastic difference. In the future, I hope to explore this concept further, not only within dairy but in all ways humans use animals for their own benefit.