Viviana Ghimbasanu

Graphic Design - BA (Hons)

I lived all my life in a small town in Romania before coming to university, being surrounded by nature which made me wonder about its beauty, the ways you can recreate it and using art as a form of expression. I loved arts and crafts since I was little and was fascinated with the process of creating, growing up I tried to learn as much as I could about any discipline in the creative area. By doing all of this I discovered my passion for design and type.  As of this day, I am still learning and continuing to grow my knowledge about art and design and all the different forms they can take. 

Graphic Design is an everchanging, growing and expanding field, which can always benefit from a new and fresh perspective, I have a love for typography and experimenting in my work, while I enjoy having a more hands-on creative process. I have produced a variety of projects from branding to book covers, type design, and motion graphics, and I also helped teach graphic design for 3 weeks to teenagers in The Saturday Art and Design Club. Where we had to present the basic principles of design and prepare a brief for the students to follow. We had a promising outcome with each student creating a poster using collage and material typography.  

As for my work I always try to maintain a more minimalist style, but also striking with the use of colour and type, typography being one of my main interests in design. I also have previous experience with drawing and calligraphy, which I have been practising for a few years before university.